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Bifocal Lenses

We have established strategic collaborations with industry frontrunners, including Essilor, Nikon, and Zeiss – renowned for their optical expertise. Our primary goal is to offer comprehensive support for your lens-related requirements, enabling you to seamlessly continue with the lenses that have provided you optimal comfort and performance.


Bifocal lenses  provide two different lens powers, correcting vision at both long and short distances. Bifocals are commonly used to help the eye adjust vision to focus on objects that are close once it begins to lose the ability to transition focus due to age-related conditions like presbyopia.


 STANDARD LENSE 1.50 from £235,00
PREMIUM LENSES 1.60 from £255,00
ENHANCED LENSES 1.67 from £275,00
SUPERIOR LENSES 1.74 from £295,00


*Submit your prescriptions via email for your personalised Bifocal Lenses. If you send the prescription by 12pm, your glasses will be ready within the next 48 hours. Terms and conditions apply.

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